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Send an  Email or call Tel: +32 3 233 29 90 Antwerp World Diamond Center, Diamond Exchange, Hoveniersstraat 2, Antwerp / Belgium / Europe

Antwerp Diamonds Triple Excellent, H&A, Ideal cut  are the most famous in the world... Choose your diamond first and custom  create your perfect engagement ring  at wholesale price.

Ajediam is the famous International Diamond Company, hosted in Antwerp World's major Diamond Exchange, Bourse.  An annual turnover of $58,8 billion US$ confirms Antwerp's leadership role in the global Diamond Trade.  We supply worldwide finest polished diamonds, buying rough diamonds at the mines. The direct source, selling at factory prices. 

Engagement rings, diamond solitaire rings at wholesale price in Antwerp

Buying diamonds and engagement rings at the source will save your money! 

Choose first your diamonds at wholesale price. Then design your dream engagement ring.  Our Master Goldsmith will assist you in choosing diamonds and jewelry  from a large collection of gold and platinum handmade settings at Ajediam, the very source Engagement rings  Triple Ex and H&A diamonds, the absolute top in quality

Triple Excellent Hearts & Arrows ideal cut diamond by Ajediam fancy shaped diamonds Natural fancy vivid purplish pink diamond image Princess diamonds top quality

diamonds all shapes, loose All kind of fancy shaped diamonds Princess diamonds Fancy color diamonds such as pink, yellow...

With Ajediam, we offer guarantees that you won't find anywhere else:

  • Internationally certified diamonds of finest quality at huge discounts 
  • FREE shipping and delivery
  • Lifetime resale guaranteed  for diamonds
Create your own perfect eternity ring & wedding ring wholesale priced at Ajediam Antwerp, Belgium, Europe Millionaire custom rings, customized. Buy wholesale in Antwerp
Eternity, Infinity, line Diamond Tennis Bracelet - Rivière diamants


Ajediam is just 5 steps upstream from normal buying process for private buyers:

 1. Mining companies are suppliers to Ajediam, accredited Diamond Company, in Antwerp Diamond Exchange

 2. Ajediam Diamond Manufacturers, Cutters, Polishers are suppliers to traders, wholesalers, dealers, brokers

 3. Wholesalers, traders, dealers, brokers sell to jewelry manufacturers,

Buy now famous Antwerp diamonds according to your budget Consult our  diamond buying guide Success within 48 hours!

If you like to visit us for an exclusive viewing of diamonds and purchasing at wholesale the diamond of your choice  you are welcome to make an appointment. Please visit us in Antwerp, no purchase limit. Entrance for Invites only . For your invitation please  Email  or call Tel: +32 3 233 29 90

If you cannot come to Antwerp, buy on distance as a trader and get the same approved exclusive services, guarantees and Tax Free Export at GIA certifeid, laser inscribed at verified wholesale prices!

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 Who is Ajediam Ajediam Ltd  Diamond Company, Manufacturer  Cutting Polishing Diamonds - Wholesalers, Brand name: Ajediam, Antwerp Jewels & Diamond Manufacturers - Member of the Diamond High Council - HRD Licence 23315


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