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What is the actual value of synthetic, man-made, cultured, lab grown, artificial, machine made diamonds? ?How to tell the difference and what for are they OK:

Synthetic diamonds are good for industrial applications.

In the jewelry industry, the synthetic diamond is a cheap replica, only good at committing fraud:  To be sold as a very rare and expensive natural diamond.

Consult Prices of Synthetic, Man-made, Cultured, Lab grown diamonds (Predicted prices of artificial synthetic diamonds in the near future)

Synthetic diamond prices crash. View the proof!

Precedents and similitudes to compare synthetic versus natural precious stones: Example: Fine quality natural untreated rubies are of the most expensive gems,  with record prices over $100,000 per carat Source:

As the decay in the past, the prices of synthetic Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald plummet in no time.  There is no rarity ! View below...

?Comparable example of plummed prices of synthetic ruby, sapphire and emerald:

Synthetic Ruby Round 6.75 mm Price per piece $ 0.54

Synthetic Blue Sapphire Round 6.50 mm Price per piece $2.32

Synthetic Emerald 6 X 4 mm Price per piece $ 5.57

?You can buy here and anywhere else:

It happens the same with the prices of synthetic diamonds!

?Synthetic diamonds are simply machine made replica: There is no rarity !  Unlimited, out of controll mass production, 

in comparison to the rarity of unearthed, natural, untreated diamonds

Cultured, Machine made diamonds are artificial, unnatural surrogate, a replica,  produced within a few days or weeks, depending of the size.  Lab created replica  that simply attempt to “lookalike" a natural diamond !

If you would like to buy one, you can. The competition is high.  Cheap Lab grown diamonds  exist

Learn from Ajediam's Expert with over 30 years of experience!

Horror… "The last thing that buyers want is for synthetic diamonds to get mixed in, with natural gems or replica, sold as real natural diamonds!

Man-made diamonds are mostly used to sell as real natural diamonds, usually with the intent to defraud!  Criminal fact!

Synthetic diamonds are categorized as either high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT)  or chemical vapor deposition CVD diamonds, depending on the method of their production.

In fact, they are created in a few days, depending of the size.  What is the real value ? 

Very Cheap: $ 0.47  for 1.00 Carat. 

You are better off to buy a Rolex replica sold in the street.

The drawbacks seems to be layered structure, clouds and the limits to the size of the diamonds.

Negative is also the unromantic notion that the Laboratory grown diamond is unlimited produced in a some days or weeks, depending of the size.

?View pictures how you detect synthetic, also named cultured, man-made lab grown,  artificial diamonds:

You can see the synthetic diamonds growth structure in layers shown by imagesynthetic diamond shows cloud like pattern by microscope view image

The Lab grown diamond shows layered start stop growth structure by microscope!

The synthetic diamond shows cloud like pattern by microscope! Producers of synthetic diamonds are telling you that lab grown diamonds are the same as natural diamonds. This is a big lie!

The proof of the difference you will find here: If it is the same... a machine will not be able to tell the difference between a synthetic and natural diamond!  But the machine is showing you the difference by images! The DRC Techno machines instantly detect synthetic diamonds! So what ... 

This is the proof that the synthetic diamonds are artificial replica. Synthetic diamond is immediately detected by DRC Techno machines.  This is the proof that lab grown is a replica compared to the natural diamond. Thousands and thousands machines are installed to produce replica diamonds  in the USA, China, Russia, Thailand and many other countries.

view machines to produce synthetic diamonds, image

How does a HPHT pressing / baking machine to produce cultured diamonds looks like?  Here you see an image of a hugue machine park that produces artificial diamonds,  you can buy on the market at less of one $ per carat. Contact here:  Psychological fact: 

The difference between offering a real natural diamond and a synthetic replica: Offering a natural diamond is a real festive experience!

View the reaction of the person who will receive a man-made, artificial surrogate diamond, as a precious gift, whithout value. What a disillusion.  Not a real diamond, No investment value! 

Cheap! an imitation, usually without the intent to deceive but it will!

Try to resell it! Comparable to buying a Rolex replica at $ 100.  The quality is never the same and you will probably never be able to resell it.

Try to resell your replica at auctions by Sotheby's or Christie’s! No way!

Be aware,  The actual price / value of man made diamonds:  Prices are falling to zero value!

Read about a bad experience life:  Someone asked us to buy his synthetic diamonds:

On 2017-06-19 21:24, ??????? *** wrote:

I have 2 large diamonds (over 5 carats) grown in a laboratory, of high purity (VVS1) and color D and E  at a price off 80% of the cost of natural ones of the same parameters.

I want only 20% of the value of natural,  and  even this is not the final price and is subject to negotiations!  Yevgenia, USA / Israel Email:

On 2017-06-19 21:49, Jan Huts answered: > No thank you Yevgenia, > we do deal only in natural untreated diamonds!

Conclusion: if you don’t effort to buy a real natural diamond, buy cheapest such as an inexpensive surrogate a Cubic Zirconia, CZ replica at $ 0.10 per carat.  How certificates of synthetic diamonds look like:

?HRD, Diamond High Council of Antwerp and IGI in Antwerp World Diamond Center, Gem Labs distinguish man-made versus natural diamonds. 

Certificates are in strong YELLOW Color to make a clear difference between natural and artificial diamonds.

Buy now famous Antwerp genuine natural diamonds Consult our  diamond buying guide Success within 48 hours!

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