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Visit on appointment only what is the most important cut, clarity, color or size?

Clarity  is the least important of the 4C's. 

Do the test: what do you see first looking to a diamond?

1. First you see how big the diamond is    You see the difference between a small and a big diamond from distance.

small diamond Consult Buying Guide

2. Second you see if the diamond sparkles or not.? Do the test:  You see the difference from distance. A question of ideal cut.

3. Third you see the difference in color.?    Do once more the test: 

You see also the difference from distance. 4. Fourthly you can't see the difference in clarity by nacked eye.?   Do again the test: 

You can't see the difference from distance!

Detect inclusions by photos magnified X 100 by microscope 

There is more about...  8 C's versus 4 C's

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