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Ideal Cut Diamonds explained. Ideal proportions, measurements for perfect diamond cutting 

76% loss in volume and weight cutting and polishing into H&A shown in drawing

Learn about best cut

The Cut is the most important element to reflect brilliance  It is determinable by 3 separate descriptions :

The sparkling quality of the ideal cut is to be determined by 3 separate factors:

1. Proportions 2. Polish 3. Symmetry of all facets

Important Notice If you are not a professional or familiar with the cut grading,  trust is the second opinion of the Expert the independent Grading above a reputable Gemmological Laboratory. 

Best view the diamond loose and its genuine grading document at the diamantaire.

With the right proportions a brilliant round diamond will be called  'ideal cut', not an 'official' term to describe cut quality by the way.

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76% Loss of rough diamond by cutting EX EX EX

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Ideal Cut  How Diamond Laboratories grade Cut - Polish - Symmetry  View  image of certified ideal cut 

1. Proportions: Excellent

2. Polish Excellent

3. Symmetry Excellent

4. Hearts and Arrows Premium Ideal Cut: Hearts & Arrows is the Art of cutting and for far the best cut, named  The Super Ideal Cut.

Ideal cut diamonds, Hearts and Arrows and  Triple Excellent command a price premium  in the world's market reflecting by far the real value -  most expensive!

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