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Visit on appointment only [email protected] Find Us: Entrance for Invites only Call Free WhatsApp +32 479 28 12 13 Are you a serious diamond buyer

Are you a serious diamond buyer... then we are your ideal partners

Ajediam is a serious diamond company and became an icon of international trust and glamour.

Creating and selling Diamonds of finest make, Super Ideal Cut to professional buyers and sometimes to serious private buyers.


Trust is the paramount of our company!

Since the 1447 Antwerp is the Diamond Capital  Rough diamonds were shipped from India and imported to Antwerp by Portuguese shippers, to be cut and polished by skilled craftsmen. 

From then on, it is an Antwerp, (Flanders) Family Heritage to be the best in Art of Cutting & Polishing diamonds.

Ajediam, the brand name associated with excellence...

Over 570 years of Family Heritage has been making Ajediam the best in Art of Cutting & Polishing diamonds of EX EX EX Hearts & Arrows

The shareholders, the board of directors and the cutters, polishers of Ajediam are Flemish people with over 30 years tradition of excellence. Manufacturer of the finest cut, Triple EX, H & A, Ideal Cut 

and  Always ahead

Ajediam is the Very Source Diamond Company in Antwerp. Price quality is best, equally important.

Ajediam is reliable… 

Read  reviews  on internet from buyers: *****

Your privacy is our priority...                             Ajediam is committed to protect your privacy.                               We will not sell or disclose any information that identifies you to a third party!                                    We may use the information we collect, only with your agreement, to periodically notify you about new services                                      or special offers we think you'll find valuable.

We prove it by  date and by satisfied customers

100% secured site

100% secured site

Who is Jan Huts?  image

You buy with our unique "Customer Total Satisfaction Program"  - a Lifetime guarantee - a  yearly free maintenance of your jewelry - a real lifetime resale guarantee, 

The Secret is simple:  Just be assured of our policy: * Ajediam protect buyers by not supplying cheap “off make” cuts nor treated, coated, fractor filled diamonds neither diamonds switched or diamonds without the genuine certificate of GIA or HRD or IGI. Only buy guaranteed High-end quality  * Brilliant Round  Triple Excellent - Hearts & Arrows H&A  graded diamonds.

We sell to you diamonds at excellent prices. We buy rough diamonds at the best ratings and we sell to you polished diamonds with a very small gross margin.  Once you buy, you are investing for us in the best diamonds at the lowest prices!

So, if one day you will decide to ask us to sell back your diamonds and diamond  jewelry, we will be happy that you will make business again with us.

We  sell back  your Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry with pleasure !  It will be a "win win" business for both of us!  

AJEDIAM'S Customers Total Satisfaction Program:

 1.  Diamonds at Trade wholesale prices,      delivered with GIA and HRD certificate.

 2.  All jewelry pieces are custom created by       our Master Goldsmith as a FREE Service      to our privileged customers!

 3. A Lifetime annual Jewelry care and       repair service for free!

 4.  A Lifetime resale Guarantee.

 5.  A lifetime Guarantee on the quality.

 6.  Excellence:      Ajediam, the brand name associated       with excellence... Over 700 years       of Family Heritage in Art of Cutting       & Polishing of Triple EX Hearts & Arrows.

 7.  A Free of charges worldwide shipping     Worldwide Delivery within 48H.

 8.  A Free shipping Insurance.

 9.  A real free online customer service.

10.  A 100% guarantee of privacy.


Who is Ajediam: Ajediam Ltd. Rough Diamonds Importer - Diamond Manufacturer Cutting Polishing Diamonds,  Wholesale and Jewelry creation - Brand name:  AJEDIAM , Antwerp Jewels & Diamond Manufacturers

Member of the Diamond High Council - HRD Licence 23315 Member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses - Exchange

Member of the Diamond Office, License 23315 Registered at the National Bank of Antwerp Diamond Companies under License BE-0478 926 810  Your trusty Diamond company with  8 C's and Confidence

Over  30 Years Excellence Ajediam  Famous diamond polishers, cutters since before 1985

Our factory and office: located in Antwerp World Diamond Center, World's largest International Diamond Center: Address: Please Note! Entrance for Invites only. For your invitation please  Email Ajediam, Diamond Exchange Bourse,  Hoveniersstraat 2  BE-2018 Antwerpen Europe Belgium

Mobile: + 32 479 28 12 13 - Offices: + 32 3 233 29 90

Bank References Our Customer Total Satisfaction Program: View  Customers Feedback Forum

  • 48 Hours delivery, no shipping nor insurance charges!

Ajediam is specialized in large Diamonds, loose and fine customized Diamond Jewelry, Diamond Rings, Diamond Earrings, Diamond Necklaces, Diamond Bracelets and more  We guarantee that all our  diamonds are conflict-free , purchased from legitimate sources, not involved in funding conflict in compliance with United Nations Resolutions. learn more about. Return Policy details

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