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What are the Perfect Diamond Cut proportions to maximize Sparkle? Since cut is such a major topic in the diamond selection process it is estimated that 98% of the round diamonds are  of lower cut quality. 

Why? A diamond’s price is most significantly affect and calculated by carat weight. Cutters, polishers maximize carat weight instead of “sacrificing” weight for better cut. The difference in price vary from minus 60% to plus 50%. A DIFFERENCE OF 110% ! Know all about here.

why diamond cut is most important within the 4C's

H&A diamond image view from top of table

Cut quality is the missing link on Rapaport prices  , now completed here.

This is the reason why you can get from -60% discount to +50% premium on prices! Ideal or excellent cut diamonds are  premiums .

The  proportions , glitter, brightness or brilliance and beauty are realized by ideal proportions, symmetry and cut  of Table, Crown hight, Pavillion and Cullet. 

No need to become an expert.  Trust the results of the Grading Labs GIA and HRD. Everything is mentioned on the certificate.  We only show you details of cut to understand how it is working: Ideal Diamond Proportions

100 % Ideal Table size 52.0 - 63.0 % Crown Cullet: pointed 0 - 1 %

Crown depth12.0 - 16.5 % Crown angle 31.5 - 36.5° Girdle thickness: 1.8 - 2.0 % Pavilion  hight  42.0 - 44.5  % Pavilion angle 40.0° - 41.7° Total depth  58.0 - 63.5  %

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Approximate ideal proportions for fancy shapes: Please note that there are no ideal proportions for fancy shapes: they are fancy!

Shape       ideal length      width 

Oval        1.30 to 1.68      1.00 

Marquise   1.75 to 2.25      1.00 

Princess    1.00 to 1.10      1.00 

Pear        1.50 to 1.75      1.00 

Heart       1.00 to 1.10     1.00 

Emerald    1.50 to 1.75      1.00

The depth percentage of an fancy cut diamond is generally determined by dividing the length to width ratios

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