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Email   Tel: +32 3 233 29 90 Antwerp World Diamond Center, Diamond Exchange, Hoveniersstraat 2, Antwerp / Belgium / Europe Drop-dead gorgeous Emerald + trapezoid Diamonds Engagement Ring

The perfect platinum ring designed for a fearless woman who knows wearing a seven carats statement ring with extreme elegance.  A perfect proportioned emerald shaped diamond embedded in two matching step cut trapezoids.  Delicate finishing with micro set brilliant rounds.  Ref. R554.2 -  Email 

How to choose the right jewelry for your engagement ring? Promise, Engagement Solitaire, Halo Rings, Choosing the Right Metal. How it is working:  You will assist our famous Master Goldsmth to create the most unique engagement ring, drawing with the sophisiticated graphic,  ring design, programm, “ for free ”. Send us an  email  to explain the style you wish and how you would like to make the ring. ?C hoose your diamonds first, than you choose your setting.

Drop-dead gorgeous Emerald + trapezoid Diamond ring

Shop at our office in Antwerp World Diamond Centre. Please Note!  Entrance for Invites only. For your invitation send an Email or call +32 479 28 12 13 Engagement Rings & Jewelry Style step page:  1  2   3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Next

Exquisite Marquise diamond solitaire band R368.2

Exquisite Marquise diamond solitaire band  Ref R368.2 -   Email

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Exquisite Marquise diamond solitaire band R368.2

Divine Swirl diamond solitaire ring

Ref R542.2 -  Email

Design Swirl diamond solitaire ring, tension set R427.2

Design Swirl diamond solitaire ring,  tension set  Ref R427.2 -   Email

Consult Buying Guide

Budget twist ring channel set side stones R378.2

Budget twist ring  channel set  side stones  Ref R378.2 -   Email

Young style, young lovers diamond ring R551.2

Young style, young lovers diamond ring

in  white Brushed gold 18K or Platinum Ref R551.2 -   Email 

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Winsome Solitaire rub over brushed diamond ring R487.2

Winsome Solitaire rub over brushed diamond ring

Ref R487.2 -   Email

Fresh salt sea water genuine Akoya Pearl Ring R289.2

Fresh salt sea  water genuine  Akoya  Pearl Ring  2 band diamonds of the finest quality

Ref R289.2 -  Email

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Original Solitaire ring

Original Solitaire ring "2 rows swirl effect" Side stones on 1, 2 or 3 rows  Ref R530.2 -   Email

Design Solitaire princess diamond, rub over set, large band R277.2 Design Solitaire princess diamond,

Design Solitaire princess diamond,  rub over set, large band  Ref R277.2 -   Email

Finest Solitaire Rings, fine side band diamonds R554.2 Consult Buying Guide

Finest Solitaire Rings, fine side band diamonds

Ref R554.2 -   Email

Racy style diamond solitaire ring, prong set R532.2

Racy style diamond solitaire ring, prong set

Ref R532.2 -   Email

Domed Comfort tension set diamond solitaire ring SD 502.2

Domed Comfort tension set diamond solitaire ring

Ref SD 502.2 -   Email

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Arresting two tone V diamond ring Consult Buying Guide view ruby rings collection view sapphire rings collection view emerald rings collection


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