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Visit on appointment only [email protected] Eternity rings, diamonds full or half on band

Email   Tel: +32 3 233 29 90 Antwerp World Diamond Center, Diamond Exchange, Hoveniersstraat 2, Antwerp / Belgium / Europe

Create your own Perfect Eternity Ring . Made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality!

Buy Infinity Rings wholesale in Antwerp at Ajediam, Diamond Company

Princess diamond Eternity Ring classic channel set R023pr

Classic Princess diamond Eternity Ring channel set 

Ref R023pr -   Email (15 to 26 diamonds depending of the size of the diamonds and the ring size) Shown rings are all Taylormade Choose your diamonds  and  Diamond Size  first, 

than you choose your ring setting in white, yellow or pink gold 18K or in pure Platinum (ring will contain + - 15 to 26 diamonds depending of the size of the diamonds and the ring size)

Visit our diamond factory in Antwerp World Diamond Center. Please Note!  Entrance for Invites only. For your invitation send an Email or call +32 479 28 12 13

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Full or Half Eternity channel set Ring, round brilliant diamonds R023rounds

What are Eternity diamond rings? Infinity diamonds, all shapes, preserving the continuity of the complete circle are Eternity diamond rings

The shape of the diamonds in an eternity ring can be the shape of diamonds of your choice,  in channel or prong setting. You can choose a  full eternity ring  or band which have stones all the way around the ring  or a half eternity ring  which have stones across half the face, also in addition to your solitaire. 

Full or Half Eternity Ring, round brilliant diamonds,  channel set wedding ring Ref R023rounds  - Email

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invisible set eternity ring, round brilliant diamonds Ref Eterni inv set
wedding ring, invisible set Ref. Eterni inv set

invisible prong setting This gorgeous customized invisible set eternity ring, round brilliant diamonds,  has an  Original prong setting, showing full diamonds 

This eternity band or diamond infinity ring is a handcrafted masterpiece of Ajediam's goldsmith. Ref Eterni inv set -   Email

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Princess diamond Infinity wedding Ring R023pr

Princess diamond Infinity wedding Ring,  channel set

Ref R023pr -   Email

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Circle diamond Ring, round brilliant diamonds, claw set R002

Circle diamond Ring, round brilliant diamonds,  Claw set

Ref R002 -   Email

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Unique Eternity Ring, Princess diamonds Bezel set R045pr

Unique Eternity Ring, Princess diamonds Bezel set

Ref R045pr -  Email

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Trilogy diamond eternity ring Past Present Future, round brilliant diamonds, prong set

Ref trilogy 3 rings -  Email

Baguette diamond Eternity Bands, channel set B.O.

Baguette diamond Eternity Bands,  channel set

Ref B.0. -   Email

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Black & White diamond Eternity ring R013

Original Black & White diamond Eternity ring

Ref R013  Email

Consult Buying Guide Genuine Millegrain eternity ring Millegr Et.

Ref Millegr Et. -   Email

Black Diamond Eternity Ring Black Etern.

Black Diamond Eternity Ring

Over hundred black diamonds into this diamond band... more than 3 carat black round brilliant diamonds, pave set Ref Black Etern. -   Email

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Octahedron Eternity Ring R004

Octahedron Eternity Ring,  round brilliant diamonds, Rub over setting

Ref R004 -   Email

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Twist, Half Eternity Ring R036

Twist, Half Eternity Ring, round brilliant diamonds,  prong set

Ref R036 -   Email

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