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Rough, Raw, Uncut, Crude Diamond Prices  in Anwerp World Diamond Center updated November 2017 How to calculate rough diamond prices  Read more about:  Antwerp Diamond Exchange , World Diamond Center  Rough diamonds  explained

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Rough diamond prices stable. New: Tracing diamonds from Mine to Market to fight against fraud. Read more about on breaking news >

View  historical pricing evolution graph  1960 - 2017

Alrosa rough diamond weighing 145.44 carats

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Detailed different actual polished diamond prices per carat price steps

0.01 to 0.03  carat

0.04 to 0.07  carat

0.08 to 0.14  carat

0.15 to 0.17  carat

0.18 to 0.22  carat

0.23 to 0.29  carat

0.30 to 0.37  carat

0.38 to 0.49  carat

0.50 to 0.69  carat

0.70 to 0.89  carat

0.90 to 0.99  carat

1.00 to 1.49 carat

1.50 to 1.99  carat

2.00 to 2.49  carat

2.50 to 2.99  carat

3.00 to 3.49  carat

3.50 to 3.99  carat

4.00 to 4.49  carat

4.50 to 4.9 0 carat

5.00 to 5.49  carat

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Rough Diamonds

There are no standard prices for rough diamonds Each diamond is unique,  also the yield from each rough diamond is unique... How to  calculate rough diamond prices

To purchase at Ajediam, please: - indicate your budget  - make an appointment to visit. There is a waiting list. - viewing rough diamond parcels, Kimberley Certified only,  - pay by Bank Wire Transfer and collect your rough - Send an  Email

How to calculate rough, raw, crude, uncut diamond prices. Estimated selling prices:

Fine Rough: from + US $ 2,900 per carat

Commercial Rough: from + US $ 1,800 per carat

for the rough goods weight from 2.50 to 4.00 carats,  fine and Commercial.  Fine are better goods and priced about 50% higher than Commercial.

Determining prices of rough diamonds starts by evaluation of rough diamonds. This requires a specific gemological knowledge as well as general expertise, structure analyzing about cutting during sorting technics by: Classification of rough jewelry diamonds and industrial diamonds: - Sorting by shape: octahedral, cubic, macle, and dodecahedron crystals,   determining their ultimate form in the rough - Sorting by weight and size. - Sorting by color. - Sorting by distortions.  - Sorting by clarity, structure and structural defects: external and internal inclusions,   cliveages, marks, naart, maccles...  - Analyze to determine if a rough diamond is to be cleaved, sawed or retained.  - Analyze and detect of strain and stress within the internal molecular structure by   polariscope.  - Sketching of rough diamonds pinpointing impurities within the diamond.  Detect fake diamonds  from natural, synthetic, replica, artificial and fake rough diamonds such as rough glass diamond coated.

Learn how to calculate rough diamond prices by diamond quality evaluation course at HRD, the Diamond High Council - AWDC

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