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Appraisal Valuation...  One minute diamond course for free... Four C's Diamond Quality Grading Chart - Diamond Characteristics & Specifications, valuation.  View the 997,920  quality variations  of diamonds in a chart

Highest to lowest actual quality specifications by importance: cut, carat, color, clarity - tips & tricks  ( dirty ) -  appraisal, valuation Educational tools + ratio to find the perfect diamond by quality specification defined by importance 1. Cut: Ideal -Triple Excellent - Hearts & Arrows  2. Carat Weight  3. Carat Size  4. Color  Blue - White Color  5. Clarity  6. Fluorescence Understand determining qualities, produced by international diamond grading certificates before purchasing.  Diamond grading is an opinion covering some aspects of diamond qualities, named the 4C’s, but that is not all you must know, understand all Each diamond is individual and each individual diamond is different! Perception of quality, tips and tricks - avoid the scams!  Antwerp World Diamond Center , World's largest  Diamond Trade Center with a yearly turnover of more than 56 billion US $

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