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diamonds as an investment and asset saving

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- Diamonds hold more value per milligram than any other traded element in the world. Unlike other valuables and commodities.

- The value of a diamond is inherent and stable. Currency fluctuations, bank crises and stock market variations make no difference! 

- No speculation possible. View Index data tracking the  historical diamond prices  up to actual prices.

That’s why diamond prices have increased by more than 14% every year since 1960 equal to Yearly compound Tax Free interest of 4.3%

We offer a total concept :      - Yearly Tax Free Income of 3% in cash on your bank account during 8 Years. 

                                              -  Yearly estimated linear value increase of +-14%* -  equivalent of yearly compound interest of 4.3%

 - Your investment capital in diamonds remains in your possession! 

                                              - Insured value in case of theft or loss

                                              - Resale guarantee on contract. - Cash guaranteed if you decide to sell.

 Diamonds, the ultimate investment...   Warren Buffet: "I never regretted buying diamonds... They are a good investment" 

Is this the end of paper money?

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Paper money is based on … nothing at all. It is a promise you hold in the palm of your hand. Its value is unrelated to any solid object, such as gold.  That’s why central banks are currently printing thousands of billions of dollars, pounds and Euro's, even though these vast sums are not backed by anything tangible.  Whether these policies work or not, there’s no doubting that it’s a risky option that could spin the world back to the hyper inflation of the 1930s.  Western countries are battling a debt of enormous proportions for which they fail to find an adequate solution. In the meantime, debt continues to accumulate, which will lead to enormous inflation and an implosion of paper money: the debt bubble will burst*.

There has to be a better option than this sort of speculation...

There is. It’s diamonds.

Diamonds are the smallest, lightest and the most concentrated form of wealth in the world today You know what makes them special. They are easy to carry discreetly – and their values keep going up!

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Changes in the value of diamonds from 1960 to 2017 2017***

  • 2001 WTC 9.11.2001
  • 1994 Stock Market Crash Asia
  •  1990 Golf War
  • 1987 Stock Market Crash
  • 1973 Crude Oil Crisis
  • 1964 Vietnam War

Investing in Excellence... On average, diamond prices have increased by more than 14 % per annum for over 50 years.  Nothing else can match this track record of stable and increasing value …  plus amazing resilience during times of political volatility, social unrest and financial crises. Diamonds historically have a steady positive capital growth unlike precious metals or shares with material volatility year to year...

2008 Financial  & Bank Crisis 

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Yearly linear increase of diamond value +14.47%  or equivalent of Yearly compound interest of 4.3% View  Price Performance Comparison  from 1960 to 2017 - over 50 years stats *Past performance does not guarantee the performance of the future. Summarized benefits of diamonds as investment:

Remarkable return on investment ROI              Sales are not subject to statutory reporting requirements

   You invest in diamonds. You get diamonds        •  Anonymity - diamond sale is not subject to any reporting       not papers nor promises                       requirement

• Resilience against banking crises and           •  Attractive way to enhance income after retirement     currency reforms

• A reassuring investment in crises               •  Traded globally in US$, potential for currency gains

• History shows amazing proof against inflation     •  No withholding nor property tax

• Capital gains on sale can be highly tax efficient    •  Always in demand, giving further price stability / increase Has a diamond a suitable equivalent in terms of value?

Yes It has and here's why:

1. The quality of a diamond has accurately been certified  by one of the three globally reputable Diamond labs, being  HRD - Diamond High Council - Hoge Raad voor Diamant,  GIA - Gemological Institute of America, IGI - International Gemological Institute. Diamonds from Ajediam are always polished to perfection by skilled Antwerp cutters.

2. Sales to universal wholesale prices Based on these quality descriptions, the value of a diamond can be calculated by the internationally recognized Rapaport AVERAGE wholesale prices, the industry standard for all professional diamond businesses.

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3.  And now the innovation, the missing piece in the puzzle is found: the “Diamond valuation certificate” which determines the value based on the quality criteria and the Rapaport prices  with Resale Guarantee! In fact, the “Diamond valuation certificate” is the perfect paper counterpart. Total transparency with the Diamond valuation certificate

 Value diamond in US $  Sealed diamond

Consult our  Diamond Investing Guide Buy with a Yearly Tax Free Income of 3% during 8 years,  diamonds are in your possession! Resale guarantee Our Mission since more than 30 years: make you feel happy for lifetime! *Bernanke has since the outbreak of the credit crisis, created out of thin air $ 2,757,000,000,000 in new paper money.  Thus to its goal of achieving maximum employment. 

After five years of massive money printing is the active part of the labor force reached a new low of 63.2%.   A downright lousy result. Source: Jack Highland # 652, Friday, September 20, 2013 -

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